Banque Invest Group *BIG* is privately owned independent business investment banking business Since 1988. Rebranded from Invest Banking Europe Group (IBE Group).

We specialise in Airliners QBP (mandates, part financing, leasing, etc), Ecology, Publishing, ICT, Real Estate, etc. Mergers and Acquisitions (various transactions strategies), Investments, Funding and Advice.

We assisting our clients in capital Rising equity, debt, IPO or mixed transactions financing, by using one of most sophisticated AI software Globally.

We provide investments in startup, developing or restructuring companies with profit improvement potential in various industries.

We have successful business management experiences, contacts and knowledge of local and international markets.

BIG competitive advantages:

Our businesses few decades are managed with the highest level of confidentiality and privacy. We are unlinked and independent, with any governmental, financial, legal institution; this provide our associates with the fair alternatives.

We cooperate international and local, with many a well-known business advisors, agencies, audit companies, banks, insurance companies, venture capitalists.

BIG coordinate and implement investment projects from the initial idea/vision to development, modernisation and final realisation.

Our focus is on client needs and customised solutions. We have an extensive network of local financial and industry contacts.  

BIG Values

Professionalism, Confidentiality, Focus, Reliability & Discipline

BIG team manage and advice businesses efficiently and we do not shy away from complex or delicate tasks. We strive to solve all problems in a professional manner.

We are excited by cautious risk at investment and business development.
BIG associates and customers always are in knowledge and consent about investment and profit making;

We not engage in illegal or unethical business practices;

BIG prove the value of fruitful visions by implementing them.

Confidentiality Our guarantee for the confidentiality of each associate, customer and respect their privacy in all respects. We ensure that all information is kept confidential and not disclosed to third parties without consent.

Focus Our ability on Customers needs to solve business problems quickly is our competitive advantage.

Reliability, Consistency and Discipline (including self-discipline), empowers us achieve our goals.
Our management is professional, purposeful and systematic.

BIG Team strive to earn a reputation for managing various sizes projects equally well.

Business & Management Ethics: Adequate Equality for our customers and employees. Responsibility and Sustainability towards society and nature. Adequate Loyalty to Associates. We understand Human factors, Investments and Business are not numbers only, an honest and conscious man must be priority in business and life


BIG Experiences & References

We have many Years professional, successful, experience in business management, advice and development.

BIG Team business transactions turnover during past III Decades is more than few billion €/£/$.

Saving your and our printing/reading time, we mention just few our businesses and transactions:

- GIRIA / Baltic Star / Compasses. Global best sport innovation and Gold/Silver/Bronze medals win at World Championships. (1987-1995)

- Several fashion Brands and factories in Europe incorporation and development, production, marketing - into International markets. Dobilas, Escargot, MoGiBo, etc. (1991-1997)

- LTB (SwedBank) privatisation, development and M&A. During bank ownership and management, our Team members developed successfully very many investments, developments and businesses in AeroSpace, Real Estate, ICT, Transportation, Yachting, Ports, BioTech, Publishing, Ecology, Restaurants, Hotels, Sports, etc (1991-1997).

- Boeing 737 several airliners financing and lease/purchase for European National Flag Crier (1991-1995).

- National First Operator BITE GROUP (ICT GSM Mobile) startup and M&A. (1995-1997).

- Klaipeda Airport, privatisation, development, M&A (2001-2005).

- PROMEGA-757 VTOL Aircraft Construction & Development (1995-Now).

- Invest banking Europe Group, incorporation and development (2005-2021).

- EcoWR Group (Ecology) incorporation, development and M&A (2021-Now).

- Banque Invest Group / BIG, establishment/rebranding (2021-Now).


• Asset Management
• Investments & Funding
• IPO Complete Solutions
• Trade Finance (BG, LC, etc)

We advise-arrange competitive investment and financing solutions (debt, equity, mixed) for your business internationally from              $€£ 10 mm to $€£ 1.5 bb (or more). APR 3-8% (debt). Stake 20-40% (equity). Minimal term 5+ Years. 

In more detail T&C will be provided after NDA mutual execution.

BIG & Associates accepts Investments & Funding, Introducers, Brokers and Agents as a professional person or company.

Our Advisors can prepare Business Plan (BP), valuation and other documentation for funding your business projects.

No upfront success fees. Anyway, the beneficiaries of the investment/funding understand that financing deals involve ongoing costs (due diligence, commitment fee, valuation, notary, collateral, etc.).

We can arrange development projects for new investors from our global portfolio (aerospace, hotels and resorts, renewable energy, real estate, etc).

Please contact us kindly by email for more details.



BIG Team has the Turn/Key Know-How, contacts and a successful track record in arranging Quantity Bulk Purchase (QBP) transactions for new Airbus (320 Family) and Boeing (737 Family). This includes some of the best jurisdictions Globally airlines, mandates, aircraft competitive quote/pricing, air finance, specialised banks and funds, a full team of AeroSpace certified managers/pilots/engineers, offices, leasing end-customers, etc. The initial investment required to start this business is from €/£/$ 100 million. Return on investment ranges from €/£/$ 50 million to €/£/$ 1-5 billion.

Develop Hotel, Resort, SPA

The BIG team and partners advise and assist the turnkey owner in the successful implementation of the hotel lifecycle.

Project types: new build, mixed-use, conversions, dual-brand projects.

Powerful revenue, management systems, tools, training, etc. Support is available by phone, online and in person, and our team helps owners navigate the many options available and keep up with project development.

Our advice and support includes sourcing the best available land, design and construction, branding, franchising, and a unique quality catering experience across our entire portfolio - from cafes/bars to Michelin-rated, full-service restaurants.

Appraisals, Valuations, Business Plans, etc.

BIG provides business valuation and properties appraisals services for Investors, shareholders and owners. If needed in connection with Business Plan composing and development. Expertise’s, Certification’s and various planing could be arranged too.

Mergers and acquisitions

Most of companies, know-how, properties has the value, which we can advise you to realise fruitful.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are difficult management, financial and legal Arrangements. Sometimes they are fast and easy. Anyway in most cases M&A are extremely time, knowledge, energy, capital, contacts consuming.

BIG Team advices how to facilitate the M&A formalities, you in short term can see the benefits (time and capital saving, reduce risks, mistakes and stress). Any transaction negotiations are multi-levelled processes with purpose to reach profits. Professional knowledge, management experience of the tasks, psychology, endurance and more are compulsory to achieve profitable results. We have many success records, which empowers us to guarantee you can achieve the similar good results.

Preparing for M&A

BIG can advice (or arrange) the selling a business (company or shares stakes), by preparing a business plan, valuations, certifications, providing certified/experienced managers, executives with providing managed modern offices Globally (short or long term) and connecting with potential investors and funding entities. We offering a complete solutions package for M&A, StartUp, Shares Acquisitions, Investment, Funding, IPO, etc.

Advisors, Executives and Offices

BIG can provide certified professionals team with own offices Globally for StartUp, Development, Restructuring, M&A, Break Ups, etc. We deal with wide range of industries and businesses AeroSpace, Banking, ICT, Ecology, Energy, Logistics, Sea Ports, Super Yachts, Real Estate, etc. qualified consultancy for company mergers, restructuring and company break ups and more. Most of our advices are inclusive Tax Structuring for business profitability lifting.

Funding, Investments & Capital Rising

BIG Team can advice/arrange investments, funding and various financial products for company start-up, development, buyouts, M&A, etc.

In many cases expanding business the banks loans/credits are not best option. As example the business main value consists of the know/how, executives, marketing and other immaterial property, bank loans not suitable.

BIG Team can advice and arrange financing from debt and equity capital sources seeking to invest in various size companies. For expansion, development, restructuring, purchase, wholesale, etc.  

There are several financing options: a hybrid of debt and equity financing, risk capital, Bonds, Notes, etc.

Investment & Financing canon 

BIG and Associates advice, invest, finance various size and sector businesses and companies, from medium to large size.
If they’re a need for business development, we can arrange additional professionals (managers, Financials, Executives, Board Members, etc).

BIG's advice/investment/financing is independent of the business sector, but we are not involved in alcohol, tobacco, gambling and similar areas.

We are advising, investing and managing capital rising in EU, UK, NOR, CH, CAN, USA, CN, JP, UAE, SING, Etc.

Investing in companies we expect to receive 25% – 100% of shares.

From €/£/$ 5 mln to €/£/$ 1.5 bln

Basic Advisor Quote: €/£/$ 150 hour (Transaction Preparation Stage)

Senior Advisor Quote: €/£/$ 500 hour (Transaction Preparation Stage)

Advices arranged in 10 hours Packages. Success Fee’s are negotiable.

Usually financing arrangements takes from 1-5 weeks to 0.5-1.5 Years; investment projects lasts from 1 to 10 years.

BIG’s keep rights after finalising investment/financing to sell own shares in various companies, to the investors (strategic or financial), Initial Public Offering (IPO), etc.

Investment and Financing requrements

BIG Team it’s in line with International and European major banks business standards. Our customers need to have executives (or owners), who know how business its managed in adequate standards and good manners. Our bilateral or tripartite major tasks are develop new products, services, technologies, companies and grow business to better quality.

Our team business its advising you for finding development solutions and make wise decisions.  

Proceeding (Investment or Financing)

After First Contact with us, you need to deliver us Executive Summary & Cash Flow (1-5 pages) describing your business and future needs >>>>>

Next stage we’ll arrange meeting with business owners/executives to continue discussion. NDNCA Agreement signed >>>>>

Next stage we study together new business requirements in detail and if needed will make compulsory appraisals, valuations, expertises>>>>>

Next stage we’ll make decisions for available business strategy for development, investment, financing perspectives and similar>>>>>

Final stage, investment or financing starts by signing Contracts/Agreements.


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(visits by appointment only)

Why Banquet Invest Group's (BIG) is not regulated. & Associates are introducers, arrangers, not a lenders, associated with Limited Companies and Incorporated Entities based on the commissions.

When BIG & Associates invests its own investors capital, there is no need for financial regulations.

BIG not active in prohibited or sanctioned by USA, UK, EU jurisdictions!

We provide the international capital financing solutions your business deserves. is not regulated by central banks internationally as it operates on the Funding Solutions or Investment Brokerage Exchange and provides Investment Finance Loan Solutions for your business. "BIG's role is limited to that of a negotiating agent, document agent and broker in relation to advice and services, and an introducer, negotiator and intermediary in relation to the sale and purchase of Services and Solutions for Business.

For example, while the Bank's activities are regulated, the Bank's IDF activities are not regulated. This is because the IDF does not use either financial or investment instruments.

BIG Executives meetings with international central banks show that our intermediated financing solutions are not regulated activities.

In any case, if it is illegal in your jurisdiction to use our website services, it is your personal responsibility to make sure that you use the BIG website legal.


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